In mostly chronological order:
Starting the semester off with found material - a roll of plastic, and applying paint
Layering, a little bit, in a mindset of border/boundaries/framework
Sketchbook drawings
Mixing plaster with other materials
Drawing on plaster with ink
Thinking of mini fantasy landscapes
Seeing if transfer of images onto plaster would work
Drawing (A3), leading on from sketchbook drawings
Scanning the plastic pieces
Layering with drawing and the plastic
More scanning
Scanning fabric
Cutting out the scans
Drawing on the scans
Scanning the plastic over paper
More drawing on the scans
Collage drawings
Using text too,.png
Translation into a painting
Trying to bring this material together..?
Paint on large scan (~80x110cm)
Plastic material plus needle and thread
A night garden - turning the brightness way down. I like the ambiguity. Is it night? Is it day?
Drawing one of the day-night compositions
Turned into painting
And a small collage
Trying to bring this painting and the plastic scanning together
Night time painting
Juxtaposing images, interested in a mystery narrative..
Using masking fluid with ink
The plan was to create this effect in this painting.
Leading on from the collages..making a space behind the canvas
Using the earlier plaster sculptures
and text
and collage
I wanted to paint light on the surface of water. I like this contrast of reflection and transparency (in the lake bed visible under the surface)
Feeling uncertain about using reference images
5 automatic drawings
?How to make a landscape more interesting
End of semester 1 presentation