Using The Archive as a Research Concept
On the right is a (still incomplete) list of Irish traditional tunes that I was able to gather throughout the years by learning to play them.
I always liked the names, and this sometimes almost nonchalant way of naming new compositions. Some have been named after people, some after places, some after moments..and for some I couldn't even begin to guess what possessed the composer to give them the titles that they did.
It's about music, but it's also about words.
I think I can do something with that..

What would happen if:
The king of the fairies met the lilting banshee out on the ocean

The kings of Inish Bofin and the queen of Mayo went tripping up the stairs

The musical priest and the Sligo maid were far from home

.The old bush, the old blackbird, and the old blackthorn in the green fields of Rosbeigh

Jimmy Duffy's Barndances
Sonny's Mazurka
The Donegal Mazurka
Shoe the Donkey
John Doherty's Mazurka
Vincent Campbell's Mazurka
Sí beag sí mór
Sé'n fáth mo bhuartha
Inis Oirr
Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Mo Ghile Mear
An cailín álainn
Níl sé ina lá
Ámhrán na Trábaine
Anach Cuan
Frog in the well
Gallagher's frolics
The maid in the meadow
The Killaloe boat
The Leitrim Double Jig
Jimmy Ward's Jig
The frost is all over
Lilting Banshee
A jig for Christmas
Haste to the wedding
The maid on the green
The Kinnegad slashers
The blackthorn stick
Scotsman over the border
Jim Ward's jig
Blarney pilgrim
The cook in the kitchen
Garrett Barry's jig
Michael Hynes' jig
The boys of the town
Old Kilfenora jig
Club céilí
Humours of Glendart
Saddle the pony
Tobin's favourite
Barney Brallaghan
The whinney hills of Leitrim
Comb your hair and curl it
A fig for a kiss
Morrison's jig
The ship in full sail
The Leitrim jig
The Butterfly
The wheels of the world
The bride's favourite
Drops of brandy
Walls of Liscarroll
Mist in the glen
The Munster buttermilk
Jerry Holland's
The Connaught man's rambles
Pléaráca Dhraighní
Capaillín Langstern
Pléaráca an rosa
Ard an bhóthair
Íoc an reicneáíl
An buachaillín bán
Tripping up the stairs
Out on the Ocean
Tobin's fancy
The lark on the strand
Off she goes
Knockawinna jig
Larry the beerdrinker
When sick is it tea you want?
Hardiman the fiddler
The rambling pitchfork
The battering ram
The cat's meow
A Leitrim jig
Paddy O'Brien's
The wandering minstrel
I buried my wife and danced on top of her
The kings of Inish Bofin
The queen of Mayo
Father O'Flynn
The maid on the green
Shandon bells
Trip to the cottage
The peeler and the goat
Down the black lane
Tá an coileach ag fógairt an lae
Ceannabháin bhána
Oró bog liom í
The Frieze breeches
Páidin Ó Raifeartaigh
Nead na lachan
Miller of Glennire
The Carraroe jig
Geese in the bog
The Kesh jig
Sergeant Cahill
Túirne Mhúire
Port an Ghualadóra
Rogha sháirsint Uí Chathail
The three sea captains
The mountain top
Captain Kelly's
Cup of tea
The new copperplate
The old copperplate
The laurel lassies
The wise maid
Traver's reel
Bucks of Oranmore
Duke of Leinster
Boyne hunt
Shannon breeze
Red haired lass
Tulla reel
The skylark
Roaring Mary
George White's favourite
The boys of Malin
The gravel walk
Shaskeen reel
My love is in America
Tom Ward's downfall
Joe Bane's reel
Lucy Campbell's
The boys of'45
The holly bush
The Fermoy lasses
Sporting Paddy
Dick Sherlock's reel
The morning star
Lady on the island
Austin Tierney's
John Brennan's reel
The old blackthorn
Mossy banks
Jim Donoghue's
The old bush
Christmas Eve
Green mountain
Joe Cooley's reel
Bird in the bush
The morning dew
The steampacket
The mountain road
The humours of Ballyconnell
Banish missfortune
The green fields of Rosbeigh
Sailor on the rock
George White's favourite
The Leitrim lilter
The boys of Ballinchalla
Reddigan's reel
Snug in the corner
Providence reel
The musical priest
Sligo maid
Woman of the house
The crooked road to Dublin
Touch me if you dare
The lame fisherman
The Ballina lasses
Ó Gorman's reel
Farewell to Connaught
Far from home
The volunteer
Miss Johnson
Na garranta sailí
Gol agus gáire na hÉireann
An ceirtlín snáithe in aimhréidh
Tim Ó Maoldómhnaigh
Budógaí Chonnacht
Baseadh Thomáis mhic an Bháird
Trip to Durrow
New mown meadows
The blackberry blossom
Sailors bonnet
Wexford reel
St. Anne's
Ríl Uí Dhioláin
Bean an tí ar lár
An téan ar an gcrann
Mairi's wedding
The Kildare fancy
Dunphy's hornpipe
The sunshine hornpipe
The fair haired boy
Jim Conroy's
Chief Ó'Neill's favourite
The greencastle hornpipe
The plains of Boyle
The old blackbird
Brosna slide
O'Keefe's slide
Denis Murphy's s;ide
The road to Lisdoonvarna
Micho Russell's slide
The priest
Cat's rambles to the child's saucepan
Johnny O'Leary's polka
Timmy O'Conner's
The top of Maol
Seán McGovern's polka
St. Mary's polka
I'll tell me ma
Irish washerwoman
Peigín Leitir Mór
Ryan's polka
Dúlaigh polka
Maggie sa choill
Maurice Manley polka
The magic slipper
Britches full of stitches
Ned's polka
The Keadue polka
Ho ro the rattlin' bog
O'Carolan's welcome
A nation once again
Clare dragoons
Brian Boru's March
Stone of Destiny
The foggy den
Maguire's march
Ailiú Éanaí
Fáinne geal an lae
Keel rows fling
Lord Inchiguin
Planxty Drury
Ceol arsa an tasal
Andy leisciúil
Glanta glas gaoth dobhair
Rocking the boat
Trasna na dtonta