Works and process
Through thinking about background and foreground, covering of the painted surface to draw the viewer's attention to a particular area, and remembering something I had worked on last year (the interior of a shoe box), I started making work based around one phrase that interested and intrigued me: 'The Interior of a Landscape'. I am continuing to work on this throughout this period of self-isolation.
Sketchbook and brainstorming pages
A landscape inside an interior -> An interior landscape -> The interior of a landscape
Oil on acrylic on wood. Trying to make a 'universal landscape'...didn't really work. But what even is a universal landscape??
Ruins as a very literal representation of the theme. Trees and other vegetation growing inside a house
Drypoint etching + aquatint
I thought about what I could do with this idea of the ruin..Take one of its building blocks, a stone, and make a mould using latex to then cast a copy in plaster (middle)
Then I thought about making it hollow and exposing that.
A stone suburbia..?
Since one of the stones now had holes, I thought I should fill it with something..sand would flow out nicely.
So I took them with me to the beach
One had holes and the other didn't, so it seemed logical that they would have a relationship of some sort...?
The separation of the ruin..? Click to view GIF
Landscapes always seen from a distance
See the Research Vocabulary (under Other Research in Progress) to read about this work in relation the idea of 'aura'
Ongoing. Planning to wrap this around my room as an interior landscape
Coloured pencil on tracing paper (with another drawing behind)
Once the drawing was finished, layering wasn't as effective..
Switching the foreground-background order. Instead of curtain -> window -> ground -> bush -> wall -> tree -> shadow etc,... shadow -> tree -> bush -> ground -> window -> curtain
Acrylic on tracing paper (mini landscape) and acrylic on wood
Trying to combine abstract and figurative..
Wall paint and acrylic on wood
mixing 'detailed' and 'abstract' (in a scene where it's probably raining outside)
30x40cm Acrylic and coloured pencil on tracing paper on wood
Layering landscapes (or more digging into?), featuring a printer that ran out of ink
Oil on canvas
100x70cm - Acrylic and graphite pencil on paper.
Currently (and still in progress), use these stickers to make your room feel like home!
New painting/collage in progress on plexiglass sheet (70x100)
I want to include the window..
and a greeting card on the windowsill with a warning.. lighting but progress.png
(bad lighting but progress)